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A Trip to Las Vegas! April 29th, 2010

My friend Christina and I were spending a regular day at school. It was Thursday afternoon. I was sitting in my Grammar class, reviewing the gerund and infinitive when my phone started flashing. A friend of mine had sent a text message saying “I booked a flight for you and your friend to go to Vegas, hotel inclusive. But you have to be at the airport in 3 hours.” The traffic was horrible, jammed up down the freeway. As we sat on the bus I was speechless, my body feeling like it was underwater, tense and pressured. Finally we arrived arrived at the airport and ran to get our flight. “Flight to Vegas delayed.” Terrific! We ran through the airport with our hands in the air, shouting like chickens. When we landed we drove directly to the hotel. My friend gave me the key and up I sailed on the elevator to the 50th floor. The highest floor in the hotel. This suite was fantastic! Such gigantic furniture and in the first second you could feel such well-being. The windows were so big and we could see the entire city at night. Amazing! The walls had some special color like the sun but lighter. It was like having sunshine every minute. All the fresh colors in that room were so awesome. Inside the bathtub were so many different colours of roses. So romantic. The bath tub was oval and it looked like a jacuzzi. In this room was a special smell because the flowers were so strong and fresh. Our bed was full of napkins; they looked like a beautiful swan. In the morning it was an unbelievable feeling to stand with my bathrobe in the window, to see the world in another sight. To see that such a gigantic city can exist. Especially for me because I am from such a small country. I watched all over; the people walked down the streets, full of laughter, getting in and out of nice, shiny cars. And inside sounds of relaxing music from the hotel. The days were so special for me. It was one of the best weekends I ever had!

by Nadja, Switzerland

Piece written in ELC LA’s creative writing class

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