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ELC Santa Barbara
ELC - English Language Center Santa Barbara
ELC Santa Barbara’s First Party! November 5th, 2012

Since February, our Santa Barbara school has been up and running. Slowly but surely, we’ve been growing and getting into the groove of things. As Halloween crept around, we got more and more excited as it would mark our first ever ELC SB party. We decorated the school with spooky spider webs, creepy cockroaches, terrifying tombstones and other eerie things that crawl the earth.

For Halloween, we had candy (of course!), pizza, and a healthy competitive spirit floating around the school as many students carved their first pumpkins. Teachers and staff voted on favorite pumpkin and best costumes, and fun was had by all! We had such an amazing time, and we can’t wait for our next all school celebration. Gobble gobble?

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