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Lalo & Sophie share their love for Boston February 9th, 2010

Lalo & Sophie share their love for Boston…

SOPHIE Hey guys! We are Lalo and Sophie. We have been hanging around in Boston for almost half a year, not only here but also to different places like New York, Chicago, Washington…
LALO Oh! The two last ones only me… Lalo. About our experience at ELC Boston, what can we tell you? We need to improve our English, don’t we? Well… I’d said it’s the best of both worlds. You will get a great chance to put in practice your English most of the day while meeting students from all around the world. Sometimes I feel I’m forgetting my native language! Getting along is the easiest thing between the classmates and the teachers. You will even see a smile from the School Director… just don’t be late to class.
SOPHIE Boston is a small town; we can’t deny it, but guys you will always find something to do here. It’s also a pretty cosmopolitan where you can try school afternoon activities, including going out to cheap restaurants, museums, the aquarium, walking around the Harvard University, and oh! If you folks are over 21 you can try joining to the Happy Hour.
LALO Boohoo!
SOPHIE Oh yeah! Lalo couldn’t go. He is only 19. But hey! You had fun trying the bowling, ice-skating and the Lady Gaga concert, don’t you? Without mentioning those great deals in the outlets, or that beautiful landscape we enjoyed at the top of Prudential Tower looking the city view by night, or when we chilled at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum seeing the art collection.
LALO What about the food? Oh my God! Sophie, do you remember that cheesecake we had at the Cheesecake Factory and those scrumptious hamburgers at the Cheers Bar.
SOPHIE Check it out, before you leave, for eating a lobster, the specialty of Beantown, Boston’s nickname.
LALO Wow! It’s funny to think about all the stuff we have done. Crazy, but not as crazy as going to three Red Sox baseball games to watch them lose, or the Bruins failing against Vancouver in that hockey game. We did well in buying those cheaper tickets! The good deal here I would say are the Celtics basketball games. I love them; they are the best. But hey! Please don’t get angry with me, that just my opinion… See you around! … And never wear a Yankees shirt here in Boston. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about!

By Eladio Alcalde, Mexico and Sophie Giraud, France