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Student Spotlight: Global Citizen Offir Limacher March 13th, 2014

Global Citizen Offir Limacher

Offir Limacher is truly a global citizen. His mother has Native American Indian roots but grew up in Israel while his father was born and raised in Switzerland. Being raised with such a diverse family background  Offir has a unique perspective on culture. Although he most identifies with Swiss culture, he says his exposure to other points of view has made him more open-minded. This attitude has led him to international exploration.

Offir Limacher native

Some of Offir’s interests include scuba diving, gymnastics, traveling, and acting. When he was just three years old, Offir had already traveled to a place we mere mortals only read about in National Geographic—the Sahara Desert. Since then, he’s also explored Cuba, Greece, Israel, and many other countries. Offir has also been acting since he was a kid and really enjoys it. Now as an adult, he has also mastered the behind-the-scenes aspects of films and plays. He recently directed, edited, and starred in a hit ELC drama titled “The Bag” that is featured on this website. Be sure to check it out!

 Offir Limacher gymnast

Offir Limacher working bar

Offir Limacher gymnastics

Besides his interests, Offir divulged a few experiences that really shaped him. First, he served in the Swiss army and trained at one of the toughest military schools. He confessed that the training was rough and seemingly impossible at times. With determination, he finished his training and said the feeling of accomplishment at the end made it all worth it. Also, for several years, Offir has worked at a nature camp for kids. Living out of tents in the wilderness, he taught boys of various ages vital life skills and lessons.


Currently, Offir is loving California. In Santa Barbara, he says he loves the easygoing atmosphere and laid back vibes. Here, nobody cares what culture you’re from; we all just want to learn English and have a good time! Offir is leaving ELC Santa Barbara with a certificate in Advanced English, which will help him continue to build on his personal successes. So what does the future hold in store for the great Offir Limbacher? He plans to travel around Los Angeles in the upcoming weeks. Someday, he hopes to have a career in international management and work in various countries. That’s the plan for now. But until then, Offir will keep exploring and adventuring. Just like he always has.

Offir Limacher during sunset

Offir Limacher working bar during sunet

Offir Limacher with group during sunset

Offir Limacher group jumping

Offir Limacher flip

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