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Valentine’s Day at ELC Boston February 22nd, 2013

Last week, love was in the air at ELC Boston!  Our annual Valentine’s Day celebrations commenced last Thursday with our traditional bake sale and candy gram deliveries to benefit the American Red Cross.  Through delicious staff contributions, we were able to raise just over $100!  Students went crazy for Mei’s chocolate filled cookie cups and the scrumptious brownies from Andrea and Danielle.  Our candy gram deliveries were a surprise to students who received a chocolate rose from their secret admirer. Valentine's Day Dance
ELC’s Valentine’s Dance was an enormous success!  Students danced the night away to music from all around the world as Migren, ELC’s resident student photographer, took beautiful portrait pictures of everyone with their dates.  The fashion was simply to-die-for as students followed our dress code of “fabulous.”  Overall, the Valentine’s Day FUNtivities were a great way for our students to experience the chocolate-filled holiday that is Valentine’s Day. 
Valentine's Day

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